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"I believe giving, caring, and sharing is at the center of  human beings very existence for being here."

Dr. Maricia Sherman

 When you donate to Dr. Maricia's vision to touch hearts through Intimate Altar Wellness, you are changing lives!

                                                         Together, we can make change happen!

A donation of any amount assists us in the future construction or property ownership of Intimate Altar Wellness Center

A portion of your purchase is allocated to Intimate Altar Wellness to assist women who are economically challenged. 

I know it's a big decision to donate your money and I want you to be confident that your financial gifts are being used in the best ways possible. I am grateful that you have chosen to support the mission of helping other women become whole, healthy, and prosperous through the Word of God. Thank you for investing and for being a cheerful giver according I Corinthians 9:7. I am praying for you fervently!

                                                                                                                                    Dr. Maricia Sherman

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