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Meet Dr. Maricia Sherman

Vivacious. Humble. Jesus Girl. All of these words can be used to describe Dr. Maricia Sherman. No stranger to serving others, Sherman who is a licensed ordained minister and founder of Intimate Altar Ministries, has served in ministry for over 20 years, utilizing her doctoral degree in Christian Counseling.


As a sought-after international speaker, she captivates audiences with her energetic and transparent style of speaking. Her love for God shows as she passionately pushes women to love and live upon God’s Word.


Dr. Maricia has been featured on ABC, CBS, countless radio broadcasts, featured e-zines and is a celebrated Amazon best-selling author with multiple self-published literary works to include her wildly popular book, Drop the Rock, an insightful look at one woman’s determination to achieve freedom.


Founder of HerGroove, an empowering initiative to encourage and equip women to follow their passions, purposes, and dreams. Our christian themed lipsticks and glosses are just what a women needs to brighten up her day! HerGroove continues to celebrate every woman, every groove.


Dr. Sherman is a rising voice of inspiration and has shared her message of unity and mutual respect with diverse audiences around the country. Proud to be a careered registered nurse and military veteran spouse, she dedicates her life to God, her husband Phillip, and their wonderful family.

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