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Dr. Maricia Sherman is proud to present HerGroove, a mission focused company with mission driven principles and leadership.

Dr. Maricia Cares

In 2013, in an effort to support women who may be economically challenged, HerGroove directed it's focus toward the growing statistics that many women are unable to afford mental health wellness counseling resulting in high numbers of depression and anxiety. After overcoming her own battle with depression, Dr. Sherman aligned the  company’s charitable focus to ensure that women are afforded low cost opportunities to receive mental and emotional healthcare assisting healing from traumatic effects of domestic violence.


HerGroove's inspirational lipsticks and lipglosses were launched to provide women the opportunity to serve one another through the purchase of a custom luxury line of organic products. What a worthy cause!

When you make a purchase, you are not just buying another beauty enhancement, but you are also supporting the mental and emotional well-being of another woman as a percentage of all purchases is allocated to the advancement of mental and emotional health of women in need of services. 

Our luxury lipgloss is high-gloss, long-lasting and comes in 12 shades from soft nudes to bold pinks and reds. All of our shades are carefully named to reflect positive affirmations, and each lipgloss is infused with a strawberry scent, Parkii Butter, and Vitamin E! 


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