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What You Will Learn Inside The Book

1. How To Embrace Your Ability To Fight Like A Girl – Ever heard the statement made, “you fight like a girl”. Well, once and for all, let’s own up to it. Become proud to fight like a girl!

2. What Is Crucial To The Fight – Unless a house stands as one, it’s sure to fall. It’s time to unite your heart’s desire & your thoughts so you can experience the victorious power of agreement.

3. Why God’s Word Is The Weapon Of Choice – The Bible is the infallible word of God. Learn how important it is to believe this truth and gain a greater understanding of God’s word.

4. Capture The Inspiration To Surrender To Destiny – Many times, because of the fear of persecution, we simply do not pursue destiny. Learn a strategy to compel you to surrender all.

About Me

Vivacious. Humble. Jesus Girl. All of these words can be used to describe Dr. Maricia Sherman. No stranger to serving others, Sherman who is a licensed ordained minister and founder of Intimate Altar Ministries, has served in ministry for over 20 years, utilizing her doctoral degree in Christian Counseling.


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