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Elevate Your Faith.
Elevate Your Life


Dr. Sherman is the leading women's
 Emotional Wellness Counselor and Mindset Coach for today's women of faith!


There is nothing sexier than a woman with emotional intelligence! 

Let's focus on strengthening your emotional wellness journey together!


Along with her biblical teaching ministry, Dr. Maricia Sherman is a thriving creative entrepreneur and business owner whose mission driven company empowers women. 


In an effort to support women who may be economically challenged, HerGroove custom lipsticks and lipglosses were launched to allow women to serve one another through the purchase of an item.



Dr. Sherman is in touch with the issues facing women in today’s culture. A woman of faith,  she has in-depth knowledge with over 20 years of counseling and ministry experience. Growing up the daughter of an abusive alcoholic father, Dr. Sherman understands the woes of not receiving affirmation and support. She seeks to encourage and equip women to become all that God has designed them to be through her mentoring programs, Biblical teaching ministry, Intimate Altar, and her upbeat women’s empowerment initiative, HerGroove. She is a lover of God, careered registered nurse, proud Air Force Veteran’s wife, and mother.

Book Dr. Maricia

Interested in having Dr. Maricia speak at your next event? 


 Known to “light up the stage”, audiences are captivated by her energy and thought-provoking speaking gift. She combines heartfelt inspiration, laugh-out-loud humor, and practical strategies to provoke impactful change.

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